Do I need a reservation?

Yes, Santa can only Skype with one family at a time. Simply fill out the web form to get your very own appointment. Then Skype Santa at your appointment date and time.

What is the Skype address I should call?

Simply Skype to tecskypewithsanta at your appointment time.

Do I need a Skype account?

Yes. Skype accounts are free, visit and simply download Skype and create an account.

How much does this cost?

There is no cost, it's free to talk to Santa.

I'm not technical, can I do this?

Yes, if you are reading this, you can easily get a Skype account. Visit and and simply download Skype, create an account add tecskypewithsanta to your Contact List and then, click on Video Call.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Visit for a Skype version for your computer.

I don't want to give you my child's name, can I still have a Skype with Santa call?

Yes, please make an appointment and Skype in at your appointment date and time.

I'm having difficult time connecting, is there a number I can call?

No, but you can visit for comprehensive support.

I missed my appointment, can I Skype at another time.

You can call Toronto Eaton Centre Guest Services at 416-598-8560, leave a voicemail if nobody answers, and we will try and accommodate your request. Skype appointments are limited however, so please do your best to make your reserved time.